How can you benefit from birth or postpartum doula care?

Empowering and Loving Support During Labor and Delivery

I'll be by your side from the beginning of active labor and for a few hours after birth.

Along with any other members of your team, I'll help support you in advocating for yourself in your wants and needs for your birth experience. With birth doula services, we'll have met before your labor and delivery to discuss what is really important to you for your childbirth experience. I'll provide evidence-based advice when you'd like, and follow your lead because YOU are the expert on this pregnancy. I'm here to support you physically as well, I'll have my rebozo, peanut ball, and other comfort items that can help you through labor and delivery along with the emotional support of your care team.

Hands-on Infant Care Support

The weeks following childbirth or adoption can be beautiful, stressful, exhausting and all-consuming. As your doula, I’m here to help you with everything “baby care” and will be by your side as you find the right solutions to any issues that may arise. I’ll support you with evidence-based information and my real life experience. Some examples of ways I can help are showing you how to safely bathe your baby, soothe them, fit them into their carseat, and how to wear a baby carrier.

Help Around the Home

The birth or adoption of a new baby brings a lifelong change in priorities and responsibilities. I’m here to help you keep up with everyday household chores that often fall to the side when caring for a newborn. During my postpartum visits, I can help by doing a load of laundry, cleaning the counters, sweeping, taking out the trash, light meal prep and cooking, ordering groceries and more! I’m here to help give you the gift of TIME with your newborn, time to heal, and time to care for yourself. 

Support for Partner and Siblings

Welcoming a new baby is a big transition for everyone. As your doula I’ve been trained to serve the family as a whole unit. I aim to understand the needs of everyone in the home and help all of you settle into your new family dynamic. 

Personalized Resources and Evidence Based Answers 

I’ve created an extensive resource list for all things postpartum care here in the Phoenix area. No matter what comes up in your journey, I have the best connections to share with you and your family! 

Emotional Support 

It’s my honor to support you during this time in your life, and one of the most important ways I can do that is by supporting your emotional well-being. It's been shown that parents who hire a doula have lower rates of postpartum depression, anxiety and frustration. I’m here to listen to you, help you advocate for your decisions and new family dynamic, and to create time and space for you to care for yourself. Self care looks different for everyone, and I’m here to help figure out what it looks like for you.